We're back and better than ever

Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support, even through this hiatus. We're so happy to be back, and we're psyched to share what we have thus far with you! 

We hope you enjoy the new look, the new logo, and the newly reworked designs. We've also gone out of our way, to make all of our products 100% U.S. Made. All of our clothing is completely made in the United States. The materials are grown in the US, the clothing is then put together here in the US, and then the printing and packaging is done here in the US. We have worked unbelievably hard to provide a more superior product without our prices skyrocketing. 

We're also currently working on pushing the quality boundaries even further, so that we may offer some apparel items that are "designer quality." We're talking Egyptian cotton, US made, the whole thing. However those will probably be quite limited to start and will cost quite a bit more than our current offering. We'll keep you updated on the process! 

Once again, thank you so very much for the continued support. It's thanks to you that very small companies like us can fulfill our dreams and make something that we're passionate about and enjoy. Thank you so, so much. 


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