News and updates — staff update

News Updates, and some changes

Hello everyone! If you do not follow us on Instagram, go ahead and give us a follow there! We posted this recent news on there, but I'll also share it here. Recently, there was a little bit of controversy revolving around a few of our designs. In good faith, we removed those designs. By no means do we want to do anything that would upset any artists, local or not. We appreciate all in the anime and manga community, especially the artists. We apologize for any inconveniences caused for anyone.

However, with the removal of some items, we will be...

Designs and ideas in the making

We have been thrilled to see the response thus far on our current lineup! At the moment, we are working on releasing at least 10 new designs for the shop. We will also be releasing hoodies, long-sleeves, tank-tops, hats, and even prints of our artwork. We look forward to what the future holds in store... and you all should too.