Our designs and why they don't contain Anime/Manga characters

Hello everyone, today's post is about our designs and why we don't use any licensed characters from anime/manga. 

We get this question a lot, and a lot of people request that we make designs with their favorite characters from popular anime and manga. There's a lot of confusion in the industry when it comes to this subject, as we sadly have to refuse such requests but there are multiple companies out there that are using these characters that aren't official. 

The answer begins with the brand itself. We started off with just 4 designs, and a mission. To create designs that you can rock on the street, in school, in the workplace, social gatherings, anywhere you may go. We wanted to be able to  show that we are into anime or manga, but also want to look stylish. We're not here to talk poorly about officially created merchandise for popular anime and manga, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

We have a lot of really big plans for things we want to do, and we even had some of these ideas when we first started. For instance, we want to make collectibles with our characters such as miniatures, figurines, trading cards, etc. We really wanted each character to represent/embody something in an artistic way when we created them, and you can read more about that on one of our older posts explaining our designs. Creating collectibles was something on our mind even when we first began. Along with possibly collaborating with studios for comics, video games, shows, etc. to license out our characters. We put a lot of thought into them. 

So that would be the first reason, the second reason is that we have pride in what we do, and we've done everything by the books. This has led to the company growing at a slower rate and possibly not generating as many sales as we could have over the past year. If we worked with our artists to draw up popular characters from certain shows and manga, and create some truly awesome designs with them we know it would be huge! However, we can't cross that boundary. The artists that create these characters and develop them put their hearts and souls into their work.  We would be profiting off of the character design and popularity of the works without giving back to the studio and its employees. As artists ourselves, that's a big no-no.

The third and final reason, is that it would be very, very illegal. If we were to gain fame using the works mentioned above, we would receive heavy fines and lawsuits There are some grey areas as there is a difference between having a merchandising license in Japan versus here in the States. However when it comes to any mainstream content, it is definitely already licensed in the US. Without the consent and permission of the studio or publishers (which can cost upward of $100,000 along with a percentage of all sales made) it is illegal. We can not afford to acquire licensing for these characters, nor do we really have interest in pursuing that option.

In short, we are unable to, and we don't really want to. That may change in the future, but as it stands currently it's not possible. We once again, appreciate your continued support. Thank you so much. 

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