OtakuFest 2019 and the Kawaii Collection

Hello everyone! It was so nice to see so many of you at OtakuFest this year!

We had a seriously awesome time, and we couldn't be more thankful and happy with the turnout. We are definitely going to be attending again next year. 

At OtakuFest, we were offering limited pre-orders of the new Kawaii Collection at a discounted price! So next time we're attending an event near you, please stop by and say hi and see what's going on!

We're so excited to bring this new collection to you. It's seriously so awesome, our personal favorite is definitely the Tasty Ramen design. It's just so cute and anyone can wear it!

Once again, thank you all so much. We have so much more going on behind the scenes currently, and the future is looking so bright. We'll keep you updated here!

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