Future of the brand

Hey everyone! We appreciate all the love and support we've been getting. You all are the best! As of now, there are a few things that we've been working on, and been discussing. First things first, prices are going to go up a little bit. 

We know what you're thinking, and we promise this is for the best for you guys, and us. In order to keep things going smoothly, and help us with production of new items like hats, beanies, and shorts, we'll need to up cost a little bit. To be honest it's probably only going to be around 5$ up per item. Possibly less, we'll see! If anything we'll have some deals when buying more than one item to get back to the 25$ price range.

Next up, the short sleeve shirts. We've decided to remove the logo on the left sleeve, and right now we are debating between having the logo on the back (like the long sleeves) or just removing it entirely. We'll see soon here! 

If you want to hit us up with any ideas, or any feedback on anything here just email me at I look forward to hearing from you all!

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