Changes in pricing, Iori, and a look behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes

Hello, my name is Nick. I am the creator and sole owner of Shinda Iro Apparel. 
I say that with much happiness, as in the past 2 years, one part of that statement was not true. Originally when this brand was created (by myself) I was the sole owner. However as time went on, I opened up to the idea of having others on board (things were getting hard while maintaining a day-job.) 

Unfortunately, many things happened behind closed doors with these investors, co-owners, partners, etc. Hence the periods of inactivity, artwork controversy in 2018, lack of consistent content, all of it. However after much effort, I am once again the sole owner of Shinda Iro Apparel. I do of course have some employees and friends that help out, however I am now the sole decision maker and driving force of this company. 

Changes in Pricing

One of the first things that has changed, is our process for producing our clothing. We have gone from using a run of the mill print-on-demand company to a fulfillment company that specializes in streetwear. So, the cost of our clothing production (including the much higher quality custom blanks, custom clothing tags, hand stitched logo patches, etc.) has more than doubled our wholesale cost per product. However, we did not want to double our prices. So, we thought a 33% increase in price for a 200+% quality increase was reasonable.

We are aware of the market we are aiming for. We know that this puts us into a "premium streetwear" price bracket, but I am more than confident that our new selection can rival what's out there in the same price range. We have worked very, very hard in making all of this possible. I hope you all enjoy these changes as much as we do. 

Introduction of Iori

In other breaking news, we also have introduced our new mascot Iori! When you take the characters that form his name, it roughly translates to "clothing woven with thought/meaning." We think the name suits him and our brand perfectly. Some may have (obviously) noticed that Iori has a bit of a "toy-like" appearance. That is because this brand has obviously taken influence from other brands out there, and I would absolutely love to create designer toys/figurines of Iori and our other original characters. It's one of my future goals for the brand. 

Personal Note

I am truly appreciative for the community behind this brand, and for all of the people that have supported me in this effort. I would be forever grateful if I could turn this into my full-time job, but that would take a good amount of monthly sales and a strong community. My dream is to turn this brand into everything I've hoped it could be, and bring happiness to anyone that finds the brand. If in turn, that allows me to pursue this endeavor full-time, I would be forever grateful. However, even if that were to never happen, I will forever be grateful for those in the community. 

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