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Saturday AM x Shinda Iro Apparel Collaboration

It's finally here! We are so excited and proud to announce our collab with Saturday AM. Saturday AM is easily the most diverse manga production company in the world! As such, we thought they would be the best possible partners to work with in raising money for the #BLM movement! All of the profits from the sales of the pieces in our collaboration will be donated to a few charities in the name of #BLM such as ActBlue, The Equal Justice Initiative, and Color of Change. 

Saturday AM was gracious enough to let us work with their amazing artists Odunze Oguguo...

Order Fulfillment Information

Due to environmental concerns and our current business model, orders are fulfilled as they are placed. We are hand-making each and every piece in all orders when they are placed. So once an order is placed, it may take 2-5 days for the order to be fulfilled and shipped.

Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated. Thank you!

(Due to COVID-19 and the current protests, we are experiencing severe delays in order fulfillment. As our fulfillment center is located in Los Angeles, we are doing our best to maintain safe working standards for our family while respecting current curfews. Once again, your...

Changes in pricing, Iori, and a look behind the scenes.

Changes in pricing, Iori, and a look behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes

Hello, my name is Nick. I am the creator and sole owner of Shinda Iro Apparel. 
I say that with much happiness, as in the past 2 years, one part of that statement was not true. Originally when this brand was created (by myself) I was the sole owner. However as time went on, I opened up to the idea of having others on board (things were getting hard while maintaining a day-job.) 

Unfortunately, many things happened behind closed doors with these investors, co-owners, partners, etc. Hence the periods of inactivity, artwork controversy in 2018, lack of consistent content,...

Our designs and why they don't contain Anime/Manga characters

Hello everyone, today's post is about our designs and why we don't use any licensed characters from anime/manga. 

We get this question a lot, and a lot of people request that we make designs with their favorite characters from popular anime and manga. There's a lot of confusion in the industry when it comes to this subject, as we sadly have to refuse such requests but there are multiple companies out there that are using these characters that aren't official. 

The answer begins with the brand itself. We started off with just 4 designs, and a mission. To create designs...

OtakuFest 2019 and the Kawaii Collection

Hello everyone! It was so nice to see so many of you at OtakuFest this year!

We had a seriously awesome time, and we couldn't be more thankful and happy with the turnout. We are definitely going to be attending again next year. 

At OtakuFest, we were offering limited pre-orders of the new Kawaii Collection at a discounted price! So next time we're attending an event near you, please stop by and say hi and see what's going on!

We're so excited to bring this new collection to you. It's seriously so awesome, our personal favorite is definitely the Tasty...