News and updates

Hiatus/Future of the brand.

Hello everyone! We know things have been a little bit hectic recently. We are going to go on a little hiatus, as to get some things straightened out. However, you can still browse the site and look around if you're new here! However, nothing is purchasable at the moment as we are out of stock of everything. 


During the hiatus, we are going to see if we can source some of our own branded apparel, with luxury materials being hand-made in North America. This goes for all of our current offerings, and future offerings. We are...

Spring Sale!

Our Spring Sale is currently Active! Any purchases made will help us get out cooler new products faster! Such as Hats, Backpacks and Carrying Pouches, and beanies! Thank you so much for the continued support!

The Return of the Full Sketch Collection and More!

After popular demand, we have brought back the entire sketch collection! We've also released the brand new Raina and Sora no designs. We really do appreciate everyone's feedback and we do make use of it! Enjoy!~

Holiday Sale! Plus Hoodies and Long Sleeves are back!

Hello again everyone! Happy Holidays to all! Just in time for the cold, we've brought back our ultra comfy hoodies and our long sleeve tee's.

We're also going to be running this Holiday Sale (15% off all orders over 50$) until Midnight of Christmas Eve! Be sure to take advantage of this sale, because it won't be getting any better than this till the start of next year! 

New Apparel, New Looks, New Us!

We're back! Introducing some brand new designs, and some new paths for the brand. We appreciate all of you, especially those that have been with us since the beginning. Enjoy this 15% off sale for the weekend, and pick up your new favorites!