News and updates

New Apparel, New Looks, New Us!

We're back! Introducing some brand new designs, and some new paths for the brand. We appreciate all of you, especially those that have been with us since the beginning. Enjoy this 15% off sale for the weekend, and pick up your new favorites!

News Updates, and some changes

Hello everyone! If you do not follow us on Instagram, go ahead and give us a follow there! We posted this recent news on there, but I'll also share it here. Recently, there was a little bit of controversy revolving around a few of our designs. In good faith, we removed those designs. By no means do we want to do anything that would upset any artists, local or not. We appreciate all in the anime and manga community, especially the artists. We apologize for any inconveniences caused for anyone.

However, with the removal of some items, we will be...

Future of the brand

Hey everyone! We appreciate all the love and support we've been getting. You all are the best! As of now, there are a few things that we've been working on, and been discussing. First things first, prices are going to go up a little bit. 

We know what you're thinking, and we promise this is for the best for you guys, and us. In order to keep things going smoothly, and help us with production of new items like hats, beanies, and shorts, we'll need to up cost a little bit. To be honest it's probably only going to be...

Small changes

Some small changes are being made, as mentioned in the earlier blog post. We have decided to keep our prices the same on all of our products, except we are removing the logo from the left sleeve of our T-Shirts.

We came to the conclusion that you all would be happier with that, rather than raising the prices, and we do this for you guys <3. We're working now on possibly creating some beanies, hats, and sweatpants.

If you want to stay up to date on what we're doing, please sign up for our news letter! You can do that...

Phone Case Arrivals and a Lightning Sale!

As we mentioned on our social media accounts earlier (go give those a follow if you aren't following them yet,) we have released phone cases with our original artwork! I was so excited for you all to see them, they look super clean! I know they're only for iPhone at the moment, but we'll see what we can do about adding some non-apple options later. Hats are still being looked into right now. 

In other news, we will also be having a sale! Everything (except phone cases and artwork) will be 5$ off (each) starting this weekend! (Friday night at...