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So I've gotten quite a few questions about the brand and its meaning. "What does the logo stand for? What's the thing over the eyes? Where do you get your artwork?" Etc. So let's talk about it!

The Brand itself.

The little logo that you see over the eyes, and on some of our other items on the sleeves and back, is our brand logo. The Kanji inside says "Shinda Iro," which means "Dead Colors." Essentially, the name of the brand is Dead Colors Apparel. However it is written in Japanese. As most of the design work, artistry, and themes are based off of things in Japanese culture. The name itself "Dead Colors Apparel" really relates to the dark themes and designs of the brand. It's really based on the way we cover certain topics of distress and immorality in the culture. Such as standoff, being used to portray violence and crime performed by people of a very young age in negatively influencing surroundings. Or the romanticizing of crime and violence, appearing to be cool. 

The design aspect of the censor bars

This one we definitely get a lot. All of our designs are fully fleshed out, but the censor bars are added in post after the digitization of the original artwork. Why you may ask? Because that's the point. In the world of art, eyes can be seen as a form of personification, or origin of a character's existence. The point of the artwork is not to show a character with a personality and story. The point is to show the action being performed by the character, and the overlying issues around it. The eyes have been covered as to draw your attention to what they are doing, or what they embody, not the actual character themselves. In a sense it's removing their existence as one person, and showing an embodiment of a lifestyle, issue, or cultural problem. 

But... why?

What really is the point of art? Does this question really need to be answered? If I had to answer it in short, it would be because I wanted to. In long though, it gets more complicated. I have always found the culture, lifestyle, and history of Japan and other Pacific areas very fascinating. Especially Japan, seeing as though they were essentially "isolated" for quite some time in their history. This of course, is just from my knowledge which is by no means at the level of an expert. However, through this isolation, a lot of things were born into the way they do things and their culture, even now. I've just always found it so interesting. A lot of the work you see from us is based on those things I've found interest in and wanted to flesh out in a way with artistic value. 

Is there more?

More to say, sure. However I feel more things can just be covered in the future. This should cover the gist of things, and help everyone get more of a feel for the brand and understand what's going on. However, don't ever let any of what is said affect the artistic message you receive from our work. What it means to you is what you gain from it. As long as you enjoy it, that's what matters. Thank you all so far for all the love and support. We really do appreciate it so much! It's what keeps us going. If you ever have any questions about anything said here, or anything else in general, please shoot us an email at



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